Comic 10 - Break (01-01): Duet

Posted on 13th Jun 2016, 10:48 PM
Break (01-01): Duet
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kokohan 13th Jun 2016, 10:48 PM edit delete
After each chapter, we'll have a few breaks in between! Here is a non-related comic break! This was a strip I made awhile ago for an MMD OTP challenge, this was for the theme "First Kiss"

So what we have going on here is Kaito and Meiko in their early, early years of Vocaloid (I'd say, before V2) and they are singing a romantic duet. While Meiko gets really into the song, Kaito can't help the urge to kiss her and the atmosphere of the song doesn't help so he finally goes and kisses her, to which when Meiko realizes what's happening, pushes him off in embarrassment xD

Comic strip by me via MikuMikuDance
Effects via GIMP
LAT Kaito and Meiko by randomdraggon
Stage and mic part of the MMD defaults